Teaching Experience:

2015-Present United States Military Academy, West Point-Visiting Professor of Electrical
Engineering and Computer Science. Teaching Military Information Technology and Electrical
engineering. [visiting faculty position] Located at: 646 Swift Road, West Point, NY 10996.

2014-2015  Indiana State University-Professor of Electronics and Computers Engineering
Technology. Taught Electronics, robotics and Automation. Located at: 200 North 7th Street, Terre
Haute, IN 47809.

2001-2014: Ivy Tech State College-Program Chairman-Associate Professor teaching and service in
School of Applied Sciences and Engineering Technology. [Teaching across multiple departments
including Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Energy Systems, and Mechatronics, Advanced
Manufacturing and robotics and automation]. Located at 200 Daniels Way, Bloomington, IN 47403.

1998-2000: Central American Tech University (UNITEC)-Engineering Instructor. Teaching
undergraduate engineering courses in automation and electronics, robotics and automation,
flexible manufacturing systems and mechatronics. Located in Honduras.

1995-1997: Technology Education Specialist for USAID funded project to improve the Quality of
Industrial Technology Education in Honduras. Located in Honduras.

Industrial Experience:

1998-Present: Self-Employment/International Industrial engineering consulting services including
training and development for technicians, engineers & college faculty. Related consulting projects:
Design and manufacturing of equipment, multiple consulting projects in industrial automation and
maintenance for power utilities, food, beverages, and similar industries both locally and
internationally. Over 30 national and international companies served.

1997-1998: Americatel: Technical and Operations Engineer in Telecom to provide private
telecommunications networks to corporations in the region of Central America. More than twelve
private telecommunication
networks installed.

1990-1994: Agriculture and Construction Equipment Design and manufacturing Engineer. Worked
with small business (USAID subcontractor) manufacturing and developing agricultural production
machinery and construction materials manufacturing.  Three production prototypes and more than
twenty machines manufactured.

1984-1989: Industrial Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technologist at PepsiCo:  Served in a team
of electro-mechanical specialists. Major jobs included installation, maintenance and retrofitting of
food and beverage machinery. Participated as bilingual technology liaison on important expansion
project implemented by multinational team. Complex automated drink and beverage systems
maintained and retrofitted.


• Indiana University 2015 [Attended from August 2010 to May 2015]
Degree awarded: ABD: Instructional Systems Doctorate.
• Indiana University 2010 [Attended from August 2007 to May 2010]
Degree awarded: EDS: Education Specialist in Instructional Systems.
• Indiana State University 2006 [Attended from August 2004 to July 2006]
Degree awarded: MS: Master of Science in Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology.
• Excelsior College/Regents University Member 2003 [Attended from July 2003 to July 2004]
Degree awarded: BST: Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology.
• Northeast Iowa Community College 1993 [Attended from May 1992 to December 1993]
Degree awarded: ASE: Associate of Science in Electronics Engineering and Robotics.

Professional Membership:
• Member, Fiber Optics Association (FOA)
• Member, Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)
• Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
• Member, Association for Technology, Management and Applied Engineering (ATMAE)

Languages Spoken:
• Spanish – native language.
• English – speak fluently and read/write with high proficiency.

Personal and Professional Interests:
• Integrated Systems Technology and Advanced Manufacturing (Mechatronics)
• Electronics, Instrumentation, robotics and Automation Systems
• Smart Grid Technology and Renewable Energy Systems
• Computer Assisted, Online and Distance learning technologies
• P-16 Engineering and Technology Education


• Steps to Successfully Implementing CAI in Engineering Technology Education.   [Published Book
• How-to-BEST learn and practice technical Spanish/English.   [Published Book 2015]

• DL Infrastructure for Hands-On ECT Education.   [2007 National Association of Industrial
• Hybrid-Internet Course Delivery.   [2008 National Association of Industrial Technology]
• Hybrid-Internet EECT Course Evaluation [2009 ATMAE Int’l conference]
• Virtual Online Manufacturing Online Study.   [2010 ATMAE Int’l conference]

• Design and development of Interactive Bilingual Automation Training.   Courseware (master’s
• Steps to Successfully Implementing CAI in Engineering Technology Education.   (Doctoral

• Needs Assessment for AECT communications systems.   (2009 IU researcher participant)

-Invited Talks
• Ivy Tech Technology Day.  “Automated Engineering Technology Laboratories” (2006 Presenter)
• Indiana University Annual Instructional Technology Day.   (2009 Poster)
• UNITEC presentation of Computer Interfaced Learning Systems. (2006 Presenter)

Other publications
• Numerous international presentations (workshops, seminars, demonstrations) on the topics
about electronics, robotics, automation and technology in engineering and technology education.

Awards & community service:
• Central American Peace Scholarship Recipient given by USAID
• Profiled “The Latino Face of Bloomington” Sponsored by Indiana University
• Three times nominated for the President’s Award for Excellence in Instruction.
• Participant in a network of non-profit agencies that provide local    and international services.
• Various awards from the Association for Technology Management    and Applied Engineering

Technical and Professional Certifications:
-Certified Fiber Optics Instructor by the Fiber Optics Association
-Certified Advanced Manufacturing Instructor by the Manufacturing Skills Consortium
-Certified Green Production Instructor by the Manufacturing Skills Consortium
-Certified Robotics Instructor by Fanuc Robotics and Carnegie Mellon University
-Certified Instructional Designer by IU-Bloomington, IST Department
-Certified Online Instructor by Ivy Tech Online Instructional Office
-Renewable Energy Professional by the Association of Energy Engineers
-Industrial Controls Cyber Security Certificate by the Department of Homeland Security
-Biometrics Systems Training Certificate by the Biometrics Identity Management Agency
-Cloud Computing Certification by Cloud University
Significant Accomplishments:
• Manufacturing of Agricultural and Alternative Energy Machinery (CEVER 1982).
• Participate in Expansion Project for Food and Beverage Industry (Pepsi 1985).
• Management and Operation and Expansion of Technical Institute (CRWRC 1990).
• Automation of Data Bank for National Certification Program (USAID 1996).
• Implementation of Advanced Industrial Technology Center (UNITEC 1997).
• Consulting for Government in Training and Development (INFOP 1998).
• Training and Development for Multiple Industries (INTECAP 1999).
• Launching of Authorized Certification Center for Electronics (IVYTECH 2004).
• Design and Implemented of Distance Learning Technology Centers (IVYTECH 2006).
• Integrated and Implemented Computer Aided Systems for Electronics Education (IVYTECH 2008).
• Various international STEM education outreaches (2009-present).
• Development and integration of computerized renewable energy (2010).
• Co-founder of nonprofit initiative to support dual credit engineering technology education (2013).
• International Training and Consulting in Engineering and Technology Education-On Going.
Oscar A. Rodriguez's Education and Experience