Oscar A. Rodriguez was born in the country of Honduras. He came to the United  
States as a "visiting scholar" during the early 90's. Today he holds dual citizenship.

Oscar is  married to Margie and is father of four grown up children (David, Esthela,
Obie and Nathan). His youngest in their early twenties, his daughter in her mid
twenties and his oldest son in his early thirties.

Oscar is  very passionate about leadership development and one avenue he uses to
grow  personally and help others do the same is through education (teaching and

Rodriguez spent 10 years on two different industry tours. He was first an
electromechanical technologist for a large food and beverage company. Later he
spent another season in the Telecom industry as tech support engineer. He also
had a small business doing consulting in applied engineering with strong emphasis
on work force development.

Rodriguez has also been a founding member of three non profit organizations that
help with educational initiatives.

During the past 16 years Oscar has been in academics and have also continue
doing consulting. He has been teaching at two-year, four-year, corporate and
military educational institutions.
About Oscar A. Rodriguez