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Oscar Rodriguez has served in different organizations and capacities during  the
past three decades. Below are some highlights of his past accomplishments.

Career Goal:
To obtain a teaching or administrative position at a leading college or university in
the area of engineering technology and/or similar, where a multidisciplinary
technical, managerial, and strong educational leadership background are required in
various disciplines such as (C-STEM) Computers, Science, Technology,
Engineering, and Management related specialties such as: electronics, computers,
instrumentation, process control, automation, robotics, mechatronics , advanced
manufacturing  and distance learning technologies.

Keyword Summary:
Technical Support Engineer, Industrial Engineering and Technology Consultant,
EE&CS Visiting Professor, Associate Professor of Engineering Technology, College
Instructor, Applied Engineering Technologist, Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Technology, Masters of Science in Systems and Automation, Engineering
Technology Specialist, Master Instructor of Electronics, Certified Fiber Optics
Instructor, Industrial Technology Transfer PI, Certified Manufacturing Instructor,
Green Production Instructor, Certified Energy Professional Candidate, Industrial
Electro-mechanical Technologist, Academic Program Chairman, Certified Online
Instructor, certified Robotics Instructor, and Engineering Technology Program

Qualifications Summary:
Mr. Rodriguez has more than fifteen years of industrial, consulting, and academic
experience in multiple engineering technology disciplines and positions that range
from instructor to supervisor, from director to program chairman, from industrial
technology consultant to technology transfer leader. He has a multidisciplinary
technical and managerial background in various fields such as: industrial mechanics
and welding technology, electro-mechanical technology, industrial maintenance
technology, engineering technology education, automation systems and robotics as
well as consulting experience for education, government and industry. Mr. Rodriguez
have participated as a leader in various multidisciplinary projects in industry and
education, having to do with systems production and manufacturing in advanced
automation technologies, laboratory development, online and distance learning
projects, industry and corporate training. He has contributed significantly to
implement initiatives saving substantial financial resources to the stake holders. He
has also participated in the development of agreements and partnerships with both
industry and academy as well as participation in accreditation processes of
engineering and technology programs.
Oscar A. Rodriguez's Resume